Interesting Interior Design Choices for Homes

Designing your house is super fun! There are so many different ideas out there nowadays for how your house can look. Every person has their own unique way of looking at what their house should be like inside. None is better or worse than the other; however there are some designs that stick out more than others. Here are a few of the more interesting interior design choices people have dreamed up!

Aquarium Bed

This is literally an aquarium built right over where your head will be! When you lie down at night getting ready for some sleep, you can look up, left or right and see the wonders of the sea all around you! Put whatever kinds of fish in there you like and watch them do their thing! Amazing!

Chandelier That Turns Your Room into a Forest

This chandelier is designed in such a way that when the light shines out from it, shadows form on the walls to create a forest of twisty trees! This design could be awesome for some people as being surrounded by a forest while chilling in your room would be pretty awesome! I can see, however, that some people, especially those that are afraid of the dark, may find this particular design a little uncomfortable! All-in-all, a brilliant and unique idea!

In-and-Out Pool

Can’t make your mind about having your pool inside your house or out? Never mind that! Just build it inside with some coming out! That way, when it’s a brilliant sunny day, you can swim out into the sunshine, but then keep swimming as you hide from the sun in order to avoid sunburn! Perfect!

Sandy Floor for Your Desk

Yes please! Imagine having the relaxing feeling of sand between your toes while working; it would be so nice to help alleviate the stresses of work simply by stretching your legs right where you sit! This would be something that I would snap up if I had the chance! How about you?

Staircase with a Slide

Tired of walking up and down the stairs? Well, now you just have to walk up! On your way down, just sit and enjoy the ride! This idea would be perfect for both children to be entertained by and also lazy adults to save effort with!

Interior Cat Transit System

Tired of tripping over your cat when you walk? Build one of these in your house and your cat will get plenty of exercise and be completely out of your hair! Not only that, but it’s perfect for lazy cats who force you to carry them up the stairs; now they have no excuse!

Underground Wine Storage

Just stop right now! Imagine walking into your kitchen while the kids are in bed; pressing a special switch placed out of their reach; and watching as the floor of your kitchen literally opens up to reveal a walk in wine storage with a spiral staircase and everything! Now that is what I call brilliant interior design! Comment below on which of these you want in your house the most!

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